Gosnell considers offering vaccine to students

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Gosnell School District is looking to possibly provide COVID-19 vaccinations to the students ages 16 and above.

In their May 3 board meeting, the district discussed providing vaccine opportunities in collaboration with Gosnell Drugs, who worked alongside the district in vaccinating the school’s staff in January.

Currently Pfizer is the only vaccine approved for children under the age of 18. Assistant superintendent Len Whitehead confirmed that Gosnell Drugs could receive doses of the Pfizer vaccine and possibly fully vaccinate students even before students left for the summer.

Additionally, the district is seeking to have the vaccine available throughout the calendar year.

“One thing we’ve talked about with Gosnell Drugs is trying to have it available throughout the summer for students to come in and receive at their own discretion. We’re also thinking of holding a clinic in the fall so those who aren’t able to in the summer still have it available to them,” Whitehead said. “Anything we do is going to be with the parent’s consent. We won’t do anything without them asking for it or authorizing it. They will have consent forms to sign.”

The board also confirmed that summer school will be held June 7-25 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. However, it will only be held face-to-face. In previous years, it was only offered to grades 9-11, but summer school will be open to grades 7 and 8 this year as well. The elementary will offer summer school as well during the same time periods.

Just as the summer program, the Gosnell School District will return to in-person instruction only for the 2021-22 school year.

The board also confirmed that high school graduation is set for May 14 on the football field, and set kindergarten registration for every Monday during this month in the elementary conference room.

June 3 and 4 will serve as additional days for kindergarten registration.