Blytheville to have Senior Walk Thursday, virtual graduation Friday

Monday, May 11, 2020

Blytheville High School will have its Senior Walk downtown Thursday evening and a virtual graduation Friday night.

At 6 p.m. Thursday, the Senior Walk will begin on 5th Street with seniors walking east on Walnut, then south on Franklin, then west on Main and back to the starting point.

Then at 6 p.m., Friday, there will be a Facebook Live virtual graduation, with administrators calling out the names of graduates and showing information about them on the school's social media page. Seniors are asked to put on their cap and gown, sit around the computer monitor with their family and cheer as their name is called.

During Thursday night’s Senior Walk, BHS principal Jennifer Blankenship said seniors will line up in rows four across, six to eight feet apart, then another row of four will be about 10 feet behind those.

“Seniors will stay 6-8 feet apart side to side and 10-12 feet apart front to back throughout the entire Walk,” Blankenship said. “When the seniors get back to the starting point, they are to go to their vehicles and leave the area. Please no mingling at this time. We agreed to follow the social distancing rules when planning to have this procession.”

She said parents and family members will park in parking lots/spots facing the street along Walnut, Franklin, and Main (backing into spots on Main Street where appropriate) to be able to see the seniors.

“They will remain in their vehicle during the Walk,” Blankenship said. “One person from each vehicle will be allowed to get out long enough to film or video their senior.  Then that person will return to the vehicle for the rest of the Walk. After the seniors have passed, those vehicles can then leave the area, while being careful to watch for other vehicles or walkers. Please no mingling before or after the Walk.  We are being allowed to have this Walk because we agreed to follow the social distancing rules.”

She said teachers will come dressed in their regalia.

“Special thanks to the Blytheville Police Department,” Blankenship said. “They have volunteered to help plan and organize the Walk. They will also help with directions and traffic control like they normally do when having a parade or other activities.”