Jackson encourages residents to get on list for vaccine

Saturday, January 30, 2021

The supply shortage of the COVID-19 shortage in Mississippi County was confirmed Jan. 27 in Blytheville Mayor James Sanders’ weekly update.

Jeremy Jackson of Delta Drug in Manila said despite his requests of larger shipments, he can only expect a limited supply for the near future.

“We are moving through these vaccines essentially just as quick as they hit our door. I’ve been requesting 400 to 500 per week, and I’ve been getting 100,” Jackson said. “At this point they’re still allocating it based on population so they’re telling us for the next week or two to expect about 100 per store. So we’re looking at about 300 vaccines in the county for the next couple of weeks.”

Despite the shortage however, Jackson continued to urge the public to call and make their desire to receive the vaccine known.

“I don’t want anyone to be hesitant about calling any of the three of us across the county,” Jackson said.” If you’re not on my waitlist, I don’t know that you want it. We will get to you and we will get to you as quick as we can. But we can’t get to you if you aren’t on the list.”

Rose Pharmacy in Blytheville, Delta Drug in Manila and Southern Pharmacy in Leachville are the main three locations being supplied with the vaccine through the state. However, it was later confirmed that citizens can call and schedule an appointment to be vaccinated through Gosnell Drugs as well.

Jackson also confirmed that he received his shipment for citizens due for their second dosage. In previous Covid reports, Jackson explained that there should be no issues with people’s second round of the vaccine.

After receiving their initial shot, their follow-up dose is already allocated to the same pharmacy and will be sent when the time for their second dose arises.

He added if an appointment is missed for the second shot, it does not require a reset on your vaccination process.

However, it is encouraged to receive that follow-up dose as soon as possible.

Mississippi County health officer Dr. Andrews Pirtle also addressed the issue of ivermectin, a medication she believes people have been using to combat COVID-19 themselves.

“Please, this is not appropriate for Covid. Do not even think about using this, it is not true,” Pirtle said. “Some people get their information from Dr. Google and Dr. Youtube. And people try to make money any way they can. I know there are places out here to get that stuff, but please don’t do that.”

She said ivermectin is a drug used to treat worms and scabies and is most commonly used on farm animals.

As of Friday, there have been 5,172 cases, with 229 active, 4,837 recoveries, and 105 deaths.