Tom Henry

Newsroom Editor


Confessions from an expert cynic

Saturday, July 15, 2017

“Remember, beneath every cynic there lies a romantic, and probably an injured one,” Glenn Beck

Believe it or not I used to believe that all problems could be solved and that time would correct all things – right would always prevails and love, education and hard work really was enough. Wow! How times have changed.

We are a divided people for sure. More divided even than races or religions right now, is that of political worldview: angry, judgmental progressives (a misnomer) and angry, bitter, defensive conservatives. So-called progressives want to destroy the whole culture and way of life that we have known in order to build it again in their own naive image. Conservatives feel besieged and at war with anyone that wants to change any thing whatsoever from the way it has been. They are both wrong.

Why are we so polarized and angry with each other? It is because of identity politics. Our politics define who we are now collectively because we have become so empty of individual character. People just don’t take a stand anymore. People walk around like zombies, with no rhyme, reason, or purpose in life other than to just get through another day. No hopes, no dreams, no calling, no purpose…just another day, another dollar. All things have become relative (bull!). Political correctness has neutered every idea that is not self-destructive or that actually matters.

We all know we are going in the wrong direction. Even idiots know that. The problem is we are blaming the wrong people. We are so stinking angry right now, but we are not willing to invest enough of ourselves to fix the problem. Therefore, the few bold, activists that ARE willing - obtain far too much power and influence. The ridiculous become celebrity and the virtuous become outcast as most people are simple political streetwalkers that are bought off, used, taken advantage of and cast aside through vague promises that never come true.

Leaders and influencers know that every one must have an enemy. Therefore they offer us each other so that we don’t lynch them or fix ourselves. When our children are too intellectually stupid to know how to read, count or write then all of the blame falls upon the teacher. WRONG! If you are a parent are your child can’t read, write or count but are old enough (assuming no actual diagnosed learning disability) then it is YOUR fault that your child can’t read. Teachers are just helpers; parents are the teachers.

When our leaders are corrupt, thieving, immoral people and we keep electing them…its not just their fault. It’s our fault because we condone it.

So angry, disgusted, traditionalists that feel that their very existence and the world that we have always known is in danger of being destroyed, blames everything on big government and its vamipiric nature that sucks the very life, blood, toil, sweat, trust, freedom and tax money out of each and every one of us, while seducing us with promises of progressivism.

The other team is fairy tale believing masses that still believe that either the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus or the benevolent government will one day swoop down and make all our lives a virtual nirvana on earth – absolutely for free (plus throw in a set of Ginsu knives as a bonus).

They are both wrong.

If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always gotten. To not grow is to be dead or dying. All of us must demand a change for the better…a change for what is right, not just a win for our corrupt team. We have to begin to see the world as it is, not as we want it to be.

Most people today are detached, lazy, uninvolved cowards when it comes to the cultural and political wars of today - mere puppets in the hands of those that are leading the cultural wars. They act as though power comes from the top down. That’s dumb; power really always comes from the bottom up.

So, pragmatism counts votes and recognizes challenges and limitations. Duty, honor and statesmanship leap anyway. The rebel in us all knows that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. So change is almost inevitable. But what kind of change? After all things that don’t change are either dead or dying. And change for change sake is foolish. So which way are we going to go? What changes are wise and which ones indicate a deterioration of our culture and educational system? When we fail to be fully informed or God forbid we fail to get involved in the process, then we are self-imposing accomplices in our own destruction. We have become a city, county, state, even nation of corrupt political streetwalkers. We are easily bought off with words that promise (who cares if it delivers) financial gain and nice shiny things.

So what do we do? We take right now today. We do our homework…get involved…register to vote…show up at the polls…teach our children…run for office…ANYTHING. We trumpet right from wrong, even if it is us that are wrong. Lets get back to truth, liberty and justice. Lets demand of our leaders and those that work for us, that they do their jobs. Let’s demand more from ourselves. Lets begin to be Americans once again.