Letter to the Editor

A letter to Blytheville

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

To the Editor:

I have already written some letters to this paper about Blytheville.

I do not clam to be an expert on what is going on in our City, but being that I am a part of this City and Live in Blytheville I have concerns about what is happening in our City.

I am not trying to be a Monday Morning Quarterback because most of the time they do not get the whole story.

I also have a problem with phrases that we hear every day:

"they said."

"I heard."

"he or she said."

"saw it on the Internet."

"saw it on facebook."

Well to tell you the truth in my old age things get just a little bit confusing,but I don't think it's all my age that has to do with all the confusion. I think

I can put the problems of our city together with just four words:

#1. Fear...a painful emotion excited by danger.
#2. Complacency...contentment;self satisfaction.
#3. Change...to alter or make different.
#4. Greed...excessive desire for wealth.

Citizens of Blytheville just take a look at those four words above and compare most of the happenings in the City of Blytheville and see if you are able to match them up with each other.

If you happen to get a lot of matches between these words and happenings in our City..."Our City has a very serious problem."
If you cannot match these words above with happenings in our City...then put your words in place of my four words. How do we rate ? are We Good,? or are We Bad,? or are We ugly?
Has anyone come up with the words Blytheville, Arkansas is a Great place to Live?

Do we have any Problems in the City of Blytheville?

How Long has Blytheville had these Problems?

Can we fix or repair these Problems?

Or have we dug such a deep hole we may never find our way out?

I know what you are thinking, right now, who is this guy what gives him the right to criticize our city? Why is this so important to him? If it's so bad here why doesn't he leave ?

Because I care...Never Be Afraid To Try To Make Things Better.

A wiser person than I said, "If you always do what you've always done,you'll always get what you've always gotten or less."

Even if we fail, we will have shown that we cared enough to try to make a difference.


City: (public-information-office) Interview.

"I don't know what's wrong.We're still doing what we were doing three years ago.We are still exactly the same city we were three years ago."

A person in the crowd shouted out: "Well you dummy, that's what's wrong! You're not doing anything different, and everybody else is!"

Change in your life is not only inevitable, it is necessary just to stay even.

Change, if carefully considered,can be good and improve our lives.

We have the power to choose.

"Love rather than hate."

"Laugh rather than cry."

"Create rather than destroy."

"Persevere rather than quit."

"Praise rather than gossip."

"Heal rather than wound."

"Give rather than steal."

"Act rather than procrastinate."

"Grow rather than rot."

"Pray rather than curse."

"Live rather than die."

Solutions: do you have any ideas?


Task Force?

Community Involvement?

Thank You

Bob Edwards