Letter to the Editor

More toxic black mold concerns

Friday, June 27, 2014

To the editor:

I am back again. Most of you know me as "The Crazy Mold Lady." I heard it through the grapevine that there were not going to be any more trailers demolished. Why not? People, you need to google toxic black mold. I am not the only person that is sick. Many are sick from the mold in these trailers. I have recently been diagnosed with a soft bone disease. Cancer has not yet been ruled out. The doctors do not know as of yet why my bone marrow is not degenerating. I will be in a wheelchair in one year as the doctors have told me.

I hate to see anyone else suffer. This is neglect and could possibly turn into a negligent homicide case. I will make sure that my stories of this toxic black mold in Gosnell reaches the steps of the White House and Congress someday. All we have to do is live and die. I'm in no hurry, but I have to ask why the demolishing of the deadly trailers has been swept under the rug? Consider this your rug being pulled out from underneath you. ADEQ is coming to town.

It is amazing how a tiny microscopic spore enters your body through breathing. It buries itself inside your lungs. Incubates and before you know it the spores have turned to colonies. These colonies feed on the yeast in your body. This is when you know something is living inside you. You can feel the spores in your brain. Your eyesight goes, you are unable to breathe. You fee like you are drowning in your own lungs. Rapid weight loss.

If anyone feels they have been contaminated with toxic mold exposure, leave your home and your belongings. They are ruined! Get out! I wish I had gotten out before I was told the mold exposure would eventually take my life or my limbs.

It has almost been one year since I approached Mayor Don Marshall, our little walk in the park; well, I am unable to walk my dog, oh and by the way ... pets are more likely to die from this exposure -- they are closer to the contaminated ground. Wow, this could of been prevented! After all, when I learned Gosnell had been under water for hundreds of years, I held my head to cry. Not one person knew we were no different than Hurricane Sandy victims, or Hurricane Katrina victims. Forty percent of these flood victims have died from mold exposure. The next time you are walking down the street, look beneath the ground. Yes it is contaminated.

Karen Asberry Lowery