Letter to the Editor

Young people must make good decisions

Friday, July 6, 2012

To the editor:

My name is LaRoy Rainey Jr., and I am an inmate in the Arkansas Department of Corrections and I am from Blytheville. I receive a newspaper Tuesday through Saturday and I read about the violence daily, and I can't believe that I used to be a part of this ongoing problem.

Today, I would like to wholeheartedly apologize to the community of Blytheville for taking part in such foolishness! Today, I understand how careless I acted and I'm truly sorry to anyone I affected personally, to any child who once looked up to me, and most importantly to the city of Blytheville as a whole.

I would like to say to the young brothers and sisters out there that are not on the right track, your life and time is so valuable -- please think before you act, and think twice before you react. Your whole life can change for the worse in one wrong choice, but for the better in one right one. The choices we make affect everyone around us and we have to live with those choices for the rest of our life. So together let's choose to live with the positive over the negative.

Take it from me, it's much easier. and it's got to be worth it. Choices.

LaRoy Rainey Jr.