Letter to the Editor

Rename the city "Blight-ville"?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

To the editor:

I was writing in regards to the drive to clean up Blytheville. It is a shame to see a place that was once beautiful and vibrant go so far down in the gutter.

I will not mince words -- the town in which we live looks trashy. It's going to take more than words to clean it up. It's a shame that you have to call on the citizens to clean it up.

First thing the city needs to do is get Public Works in order. It's been three weeks since the trash was picked up on my street. Ride around the city and take a look at how much trash is everywhere.

Next, we need to get the grass cut around our parks and vacant homes. I understand the problems with out-of-state landlords -- mow their property and send them a bill. If they don't want to pay, doesn't the city have an attorney?

What about using the inmates at Luxora to work? What happened to community services? I see alot of people on court TV with old fines. How about putting them to work?

Let's be honest with ourselves. Industry does not want to come in here and if they do accidentally find themselves here, they don't hire people from here. Who can blame them?

Order some take-out food from here -- you better check the bag before you leave.

How about fixing the wagon trails that we call streets around here? How about the City Council deciding what streets to pave instead of hiring someone to tell them which ones need it? There is a lot of good people in Blytheville, you just can't see them because of the trash. Maybe we should just rename the city Blight-ville!

Grant Massey