Blytheville Schools report basically no cases of Covid-19

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Blytheville School District is reporting basically no cases of Covid-19 in the district.

On May 3, Blytheville superintendent Bobby Ashley reported 0 positive cases on any campus.

At Blytheville Primary School, however, there are two students out with close contact and there is one person out at Blytheville Elementary with Covid complications.

April 19 was the first week this semester the district had no positive cases.

Meanwhile, the Blytheville School Board is scheduled to meet at 6 p.m., Wednesday, May 5, in special session to discuss the $17 million in ESSER money, federal aid related to the pandemic.

On April 26, the board tabled an additional pay plan proposal from Ashley that would pay all staff members an additional $15 per day they worked for going above and beyond in the pandemic.

Employees would not be paid the $15 for days they took off.

There are 285 employees in the district and if none took off, the maximum cost to the district would be $1,058,250, which would come out of ESSER funds.

The board requested the special meeting to provide input on Ashley’s working budget for the ESSER funds.