New outlet for vaccine

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

In the Feb. 10 Covid report, Mississippi County health officer Dr. Andrews Pirtle reported a new outlet to receive the vaccine in April.

With Phase 1C expected to begin in April, Walmarts across the county will also begin administering the vaccine with a goal of 200 vaccinations a week. To join their wait list, citizens can sign up through Walmatís online website.

Additionally, Laura Thaxton of the Mississippi County Health Department also reported that Walgreens and CVS will continue to be tasked with vaccinating patients in long-term care facilities.

Thaxton and Pirtle also confirmed that even if the vaccine distribution plan isnít currently in your phase, you should still seek out a waiting list to join.

Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson and Blytheville Fire Chief Mike Carney also stated that some members of their departments have begun to receive their second doses of the vaccine.

Carney stated that his experience with the second dose has been consistent with the reports from Dr. Pirtle as well as Thompson.

ďThereís a little mild nausea, muscle and joint aches along with some mild headaches. Thatís been constant with some of the guys Iíve been talking to as well but nothing bad. Weíve been told all along that itís something to expect and that itís a good thing. It lets you know that itís been introduced to your system and itís taking effect,Ē Carney said.

However, quarantine is still a topic of discussion despite vaccinations becoming a larger aspect. False negatives are still an issue within the battle of COVID-19, according to Pirtle.

ďWhen people are getting these rapid tests, they arenít isolating like they should be. With these rapid tests, a lot are coming up negative when the person is actually positive,Ē Pirtle said. ďIím really not so much a fan of the rapid test. We know that if your rapid test says youíre positive, you are positive no questions asked. But if itís negative you still need to follow the protocol.Ē

Pirtle also went on to say that sheís more in favor of a traditional 14 day quarantine when a person is believed to have a close contact or has been experiencing any symptoms.

Mayor James Sanders reported 225 active cases in Mississippi County on Feb. 10.

Additionally, Thompson reported 53 active locations in the Blytheville area.

On Tuesday, the active cases dropped to 141 in the county.

There have been 5,499 total cases, 5,245 recoveries, and 112 deaths in the county.