Chief Thompson warns against ‘house parties’

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

During Blytheville Mayor James Sanders’ Monday COVID-19 press conference, Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson warned citizens that charges may be made against those that host residential gatherings irresponsibly.

Thompson said, “Unfortunately, this weekend we experienced several large, I’m going to call them obnoxious, residential house parties that were not only a breach to the peace but put several hundred people at risk for COVID-19. There was no social distancing or masks or anything at these house parties.”

Thompson continued, “We are reviewing right now the possibility of charges for those that are hosting such parties. If you are planning a house party you are going to be responsible for the noises and if you are putting people at risk of COVID-19.”

As of Tuesday, according to the Arkansas Department of Health, Mississippi County has a total of 1,689 positive cases of COVID-19, 97 active cases, 1,542 recoveries, and 50 deaths.