Letter to the Editor

City should end the IRS sales tax early

Saturday, June 29, 2013

To the editor:

This letter is in reference to the article of June 20, 2013, by Mark Brasfield, concerning the excess funds that will be collected (more than $460,000) by the 15-month 1-cent IRS tax. I agree with Mark completely that the tax should stop at 13 months. Even then, there will be an excess amount.

When the IRS lowered the debt by $700,000, Blytheville's city leaders should have started planning to do whatever was necessary to end the tax early; but they did not. We do not want to see any more money collected for one specific thing and spent for something else, like the FICA and tax monies that were withheld from payroll checks and seemed to vanish instead of paid in to the IRS.

This is fraud, and I'm still waiting to see someone held accountable for that. If the tax is not ended early, this will be one more good reason for Blytheville's tax-paying citizens to move away from here.

Marilyn Ricard