Letter to the Editor

Effort to shop locally doesn't work out

Saturday, August 11, 2012

To the editor:

I lost my mind and decided to spend some of my money in my community. I decided with hunting season vastly approaching that I needed some new boots.

I had went out several days before and set out some game cameras and wore my sneakers. I told myself this is not going to work, so I stopped on Main Street at an establishment and purchased a pair of Wolverine boots.

So I decided today to go check my cameras. I pulled my boots out of the brand new box and placed them on my feet. What a great pair of boots, I thought to myself. I started out the door when I noticed the soles were falling off of the boots. I went back to the store were they told me that the sale was final and that I was out of luck. I was furious, but I will get some more boots, just not from this store.

It just sickens me that society has became so driven for the almighty dollar that they don't care about who they have to cheat to get it. But you can't hide from God and what you reap -- that's what you will sow. If I need anything to go hunting with, I will gladly drive to Jonesboro and get it.

You can't expect people to keep shopping locally when shops that are here charge too much for goods and sell you junk. I wish someone could explain this new way of business to me. If I owned a shop, I would want to make the customers happy. I wish I lived in a place I could be proud to call my home. I wish I could talk up my town. When someone asks me where I'm from, I tell them Blytheville. It's the one that's always in the news with the bad stuff happening in it. I wouldn't go there if you're looking for a good pair of boots.

Grant Massey