Blytheville residents asked to limit water usage

Sunday, February 21, 2021

The Blytheville Water Department and Mayor James Sanders are requesting citizens limit their water usage as temperatures rise following the snow storm.

With pipes unthawing, the water demands can overpower the production of the supply. The temperature changes can also lead to leaks due to unusual water pressure. Sanders also reported that the cityís water demand has increased by half a gallon in the past 24 hours. This leads to the water departmentís belief of water leaks around the city that they can not see.

The mayorís office and the water department are asking citizens to report any leaks or bubbling above ground at water sources by calling the emergency line at 870-763-3342. Citizens are also asked to inspect outdoor hose bibs for leaks as well.

To further limit the water demand, citizens are asked to reduce the use of dishwashers, washing machines and long showers.

In an emergency Facebook Live, Sanders also said there is currently no issue with water quality and there is no boil order in effect. The water requested water limits are to avoid further any of these problems in the future.