Manila 7-12th grade students to stay home rest of week

Monday, September 14, 2020

According to Manila Superintendent Jason Evers  students in grades 7th-12th will remain home for the remainder of this week due to a few kids testing positive for Covid-19. It affected quite a few kids who were in close contact, however. There were 99 quarantined for close contact before the numbers came in for the positive cases Monday.

That number could increase after all the tracing is completed, according to Evers.

“We decided to switch all students over to blended learning for this week,” Evers said. “We are not quarantining an entire grade. There will be some that must quarantine but the majority will be at home for precautionary reasons and to limit exposure at this time, giving us time to clean, make sure we have contacted everyone in close contact and make sure we have not missed anyone that was not originally mentioned.”

There have been 14 positive Covid-19  cases district-wide; seven of those have returned. Manila started the school year with about 50 students choosing the virtual classes.

Evers said they will re-evaluate on Thursday to make sure students should return the following Monday.

"Student and staff safety is our first priority," Evers said.

Meanwhile, Blytheville Superintendent Bobby Ashley said they have had three staff members test positive for Covid-19 but they have all returned to work after being quarantined. Most of those quarantines were for close contact.

Since school started they have had about 96 students who were virtual return to face-to-face classes

Buffalo Island Central’s school nurse said they have been very fortunate with very few cases of Covid-19 to date. Since school started they have had no staff positive tests and four students test positive. As of Monday, three of the four students have returned to school.

Armorel Superintendent Tiffany Morgan said currently all students have returned to school; they do not have any students on quarantine.