Limited number of visiting tickets available for football games

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

There will be a limited number of visitor tickets available for Gosnellís junior and senior high away games this week.

According to Gosnell superintendent Bonard Mace, Gosnell has been allotted 200 vouchers for Thursdayís junior high game at Valley View.

Each player will receive four vouchers, and after coaches and administrators receive vouchers, there will be 61 remaining.

Mace noted Gosnell has been allotted 175 vouchers for Fridayís high school football game at Brookland.

Senior football players will receive three vouchers apiece; all other players will receive two each.

Those interested in a voucher, which allows individuals to purchase tickets at the gate, may contact Gosnell High School principal Steven Milligan.

There may be a limited number of vouchers for individuals.

The number of visiting team vouchers will vary from school to school based on seating capacity, according to Mace.

Gosnellís visiting seating capacity is 170.