Manila plans different type of instruction

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Manila School Board met Tuesday in the junior high auditorium, giving board members and guests ample space to meet the suggested safe distance guidelines.

It was the first live meeting for the Manila School Board since February and board president Jeremy Jackson welcomed everyone saying he was glad to be able to meet in person.

Board members Jackson, Tracey Reinhart, Monte Middleton, Johnny McCain, Tommy Wagner, Danny Robbins and Casey Wells were all present for the short meeting.

Superintendent Jason Evers said there will be some changes with a different style of learning when school resumes in the fall. He said every student will be instructed by teachers if they are in the classroom or in their homes. It will not be like the AMI instructions. For the students who have no internet, they will be provided with SD cards. Parents who are reluctant to send their children back to school because of the cornoavirus will have the option of their children doing their work at home.

“I will have more information on this once we get it all finalized and have the model up and running,” Evers said.

Wells said he had heard from a lot of teachers and they want to teach.

“I think most kids will want to come back to school,” Evers said. “We will be able to serve all of the students.”

Evers went on to say other schools are offering the home instruction and if the district does not provide it, they might lose some students.

McCain, a postal employee at Manila, said Manila has the highest mail delivery points ever over the last 20 months.

“People are moving into Manila and I hope this will increase our school’s enrollment,” McCain said.

Middleton said he had been asked questions by concerned parents about safety practices for the virus, rotating students on four days and taking off on Fridays for cleaning; how the buses will run, etc.

Evers said the district will adhere to the strict guidelines for the safety of the staff and students, including PPE equipment, cleaning machines, etc.

He said if the state allows the school to have classes, Manila will have classes and if the state allows bus routes, they will run the routes following all guidelines.

Evers said they will start the school year prepared for all options.

The district will have one-on-one Chromebooks available for every student in first through 12th grades and be prepared to meet the needs of any student who does not have access to internet service. Meanwhile, the board voted unanimously to accept the resignation of Tracy Milligan, elementary physical education teacher.