COVID-19 cases on the rise

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

At the COVID-19 press conference on Monday, Blytheville Mayor James Sanders reminded everyone to continue to practice physical distancing and handwashing, as the number of positive cases continue to increase.

Sanders said, “In the state of Arkansas last Wednesday the positive number of COVID-19 cases was 10,368, there were 3,087 active cases, 7,116 recoveries and 165 deaths.”

“Across the state of Arkansas we now have 12,917 positive cases, 4,383 active cases, and 8,352 recoveries. Testing has been ramped up according to our governor. The intent for the month of June is to test 120,000 for the state of Arkansas. As of today 68,000 tests have already been done. Today’s total deaths 182 across the state,” said Sanders. “An increase of numbers across the state have been identified in Washington County with 126 positive tests, Benton County with 53 positive tests, Polk County with 25 positive tests, and Sevier County with 20 positive tests.”

Sanders said, “In Mississippi County last Wednesday we had 72 positive cases, today's number is 95 positive cases tested. Our total number of negative cases last Wednesday was 1,996, today the number of negative cases 2,317. There were 76 recoveries last Wednesday today there are 77, there were 10 active cases in Mississippi County last Wednesday today there are 16 active cases.”

Sanders said, “Testing is still going on in Mississippi County at Healthy Partners 870-532-6001, Great River Medical Center 870-838-7300, there is also testing on North Division street next door to the EOC building. Please call first, it allows the offices to prepare for you to come in.”

Blytheville Chief of Police Ross Thompson mentioned that an officer has been placed on self-isolation pending the test results of a family member.

Thompson said, “At this time we do have one officer that we have placed on self-isolation pending the outcome of a test of a family member of his and we are hoping it will come out negative; however, we can’t take that chance or have him respond to any calls. Right now he is at home self-isolating pending the outcome of that test.”

Thompson also mentioned that the number of positive COVID-19 cases in the Blytheville area has increased by four over the weekend.