Mayor Sanders provides COVID-19 update

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

During Blytheville Mayor James Sanders COVID-19 press conference Monday, he stated that testing for the virus is continuing to take place across the state.

As of Tuesday afternoon, in Mississippi County, there were 83 positives; eight active cases; 73 recoveries; two deaths; and 1,775 negatives.

Poinsett County had 44 positives; 13 active cases; 29 recoveries; two deaths; and 789 negatives.

Craighead County had 305 positives; 97 active cases; 207 recoveries; one death; and 5,778 negatives.

Blytheville fire chief Mike Carney and Blytheville police chief Ross Thompson said that both departments are 100 percent healthy.

Thompson also addressed the two organized marches that transpired over the weekend, saying both went “peacefully”.

Carney added that citizens of Blytheville should prepare for severe weather and ensure they have working smoke detectors.He suggested making sure one has flashlights, radios, etc. handy in the event of a tornado or severe weather.

The Blytheville Fire Department has weather radios and smoke detectors available.

One can call the fire station at 870 532-5006 and they will assist.

Thompson stated if sirens do go off to seek cover and have a plan in place in the event that serious weather takes place.