Manila city officials looking at park opening dates

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Manila city officials met with Park/Recreational manager Darrell Birmingham on Friday morning to create a plan and time frame for opening ball park activities and the swimming pool/water park.

The ballpark has been closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. All of the spring sports were closed throughout the state.

The expansion of the Manila swimming pool/water park is approximately three weeks to completion.

New playground equipment has been installed and other work at the park is underway. Birmingham said the four baseball fields will remain closed for the time being.

“We will look at it again on June 1,” Birmingham said. “We do not want to jeopardize the health of anyone. We will look at it again the first of June or in Phase 2 of the state’s openings. We want it to be safe for everyone. If teams choose to practice outside of the fields it would be up to them but the fields will be closed until at least June 1.

Birmingham said plans are to open the water-park by the end of June or the first of July depending on regulations and requirements.

“We will open the water park with a private party for all of the young people who signed up to play spring sports,” he said. “We will probably divide it into two sessions to keep the numbers down. We will provide food and let them kick off the pool opening.”

The new playground equipment has been installed. Every morning the playground equipment, handrails and seating are being sanitized for the health of the children.

The new basketball courts should be completed by June 1 along with the beach volleyball area. The next project will be the renovation of the tennis court.