Blytheville officer negative for COVID-19

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson stated Monday at Mayor James Sanders’ press conference that the officer mentioned to be in quarantine last Wednesday tested negative for the coronavirus.

Thompson stated it could have been the regular flu or possibly even food poisoning but the officer should be “returning back to work soon.”

Thompson also cautioned to beware of scams during this time.

“I’d like to remind our citizens that unfortunately they (scammers) are taking advantage of this time for their own benefits,” Thompson explained. “What I mean by that is we want to remind our citizens of scams and con artists. For someone trying to sell them a coronavirus cure, which there is no coronavirus cure out there. People trying to get you to donate money to them that they will be using for their own personal use.”

Thompson continued, “Someone asked me about the stimulus checks a little while ago and that’s been coming around. Nobody needs your bank account information for you to receive your stimulus check. The IRS is not going to call you and ask you what your bank account information is. Any time someone asks you to give the bank account, personal account or any kind of credit card number over the phone it’s a scam.”

The chief also noted that if you take your kids to the park do not get on the playground set. The playground equipment has caution tape on it due to CDC requirements. Thompson noted, however, that the park is still open.

Mississippi Union County Mission Executive Director Lisa Willard stated the Mission is serving grab-and-go lunches out its window Monday through Saturday 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Willard also added that if any entity in Blytheville needs extra food, the Mission usually has extra produce and the organization could call the Mission at (870) 763-8380.

Willard mentioned that the community is in need of canned goods. If citizens would like to donate, send money to PO Box 501, 72316.

Fire Chief Mike Carney took a brief moment to thank local companies, organizations and citizens for helping the Blytheville Fire Department.

Carney stated McDonald’s, Melissa’s Jeri-Lin Donuts, Little Caesars, Dirt Cheap and Blytheville Rotary Club are a few of the groups that have helped the Blytheville Fire Department these last few weeks.

As of press time Tuesday afternoon, Mississippi County had 47 negative tests with seven positive tests for COVID-19. Of the seven positive tests, four of them have recovered and none have died. In Arkansas, there are 1,480 cumulative cases with 427 recoveries and 30 deaths. In the United States there are 584,073 cumulative cases with 44,319 recoveries and 23,709 deaths as of Tuesday afternoon.