ART storing aircrafts during COVID-19 pandemic

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Aviation Repair Technologies (ART) in Blytheville has rendered its services to several airlines during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Vice President of Operations Anthony Saumell said, “We have been able to assist the airline industry with offering storage space and parking during this period of turmoil.”

ART is serving both commercial and cargo carrier airplanes.

“We have 60 airplanes on the ground, with the ability to put in place another 100 aircrafts, and we’re working with different airlines to do that. They came in around the middle of March; it is up in the air as to how long they will be here,” said Saumell.

The VP also said that the company has been in service in the community for 10 years, and that this is just another part of what they do.

Saumell explained, “As a business we take care of different airlines and we have storage programs and services that we have been doing here for the last ten years. This is just a continuation of our job, now with the greater extent to having to park more aircrafts. We provide engine storage, airframe storage, and parts storage. We also make sure that the airplane is all set and ready to go.”

Saumell added, “We are trying to make sure that our community is known for what we are doing; this blesses us, the airbase, and the Aeroplex. (Blytheville Gosnell Regional Airport Authority president) Barrett Harrison and the Chamber of Commerce have been excellent to work with as always and they are very in tune with what the aviation world needs and are always there to help us so we appreciate that,” said Saumell.

Regarding personnel during the COVID-19 outbreak, Saumell said that many of the office employees are working from home.

Saumell said, “We have our employees working from home, so we still have 100 percent strength in this company. Luckily our business is more than just taking care of aircrafts, we are also repairing components and structures and we are blessed that we have work from all around the world.”