Local stores plan to sanitize and restock

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Local stores and supermarkets have seen an acceleration in sales in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Walmart CEO U.S. John Furner said in a message to Walmart associates, “We have a lot of categories that have seen extraordinary growth levels the last few weeks. It started in over the counter pharmaceuticals, then food and consumables, and now it is moving into our food businesses.”

Furner continued, “The supply chain team and the replenishment teams are working extremely hard to try to get you products, thank you to the associates. We appreciate how you have handled customers. I think every associate should be proud of what they are doing and know that what you do matters to people.”

Walmart has also adjusted their hours of operation until further notice, opening at 6 a.m. and closing at 11 p.m.

Executive Vice President and COO of Walmart U.S. Dacona Smith wrote in a statement, “To better support our associates and serve our customers, we will adjust our operating hours beginning Sunday, March 15. Walmart stores and Neighborhood Markets will be open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. until further notice. This will help ensure associates are able to stock the products our customers are looking for and to perform cleaning and sanitizing.”

Hays Supermarket also released a statement to workers and customers ensuring that they are working to restock shelves and sanitize their stores:

“Regarding out of stocks, we are in constant communication working with all of our suppliers to refill our shelves with all perishable and non-perishable items.”

“We remain vigilant in a multi-step cleaning/sanitizing process across all areas of our stores and will take additional precautions as recommended by the CDC. We are working to ease any difficulties that may arise.”