Letter to the Editor

Gosnell parent upset over hoops team selections

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

I am a concerned parent from Gosnell School District.

All students should be treated fairly. Itís not fair to the students that were at tryouts that worked hard to make the team.

There were students that made the team that were not at tryouts. They were at the EAST program. Only certain students were chosen to go on the EAST trip and there were students in the EAST program that did not get to attend.

The two students that wanted to play basketball should have passed on the EAST trip and gave another student the opportunity. No student should be privileged because of the parents position at the school.

If they were not at tryouts they should have not made the team. Iím not mad my child did not make the basketball team. Iím upset because two students was God-fathered in. Itís not fair to the students that were at tryouts. They should have been at tryouts if basketball was that important to them.

Gosnell School is not fair; they have their picks and all the students notice. Theyíre not stupid and that is what makes kids not interested.

ó Salina Elliott