Letter to the Editor

Cash4Guns goes over well

Saturday, April 20, 2019

To the editor,

Thank you for your financial contributions to the effort to rid guns from falling into the wrong hands. There were 24 guns turned in 45 minutes during the Cash4Guns, and at least 10 turned back due to lack of funding.

We raised $1,450.00 and Healing in the Hood and TBG gave $1,000 to make it successful.

Thank you to the following sponsors:

Molly Houseworth

Phase 1 School of Cosmetology

Marcia McClain

Don Juan Rinkines

Farmers Bank

New Life Ministries (Loftons)

Wellspring Church

H.I.S Ministries

Hays Grocery N. 6th

Rep. Monte Hodges

Mae’s Grill

— Sandy “Bebe” Gillespie

Healing in the Hood director