Greydon Williams

News Reporter and Columnist

A word to the recently elected…

Saturday, December 8, 2018

With our local runoff elections over, we can finally take a break from this long political season.

Since everything is finally decided, I would like to take a minute to address all those who won their races, both recently and last month; do your duty.

You got the votes, you got the support and now you need to reward that support by committing to your positions and doing the best you can.

I know advice like this should go without saying; however, I also know that many who ran for office this year, particularly those who are newly elected, ran on a campaign about wanting to make this community a better place.

Abraham Lincoln once said, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Power is a corruptible force and if you aren't careful it will quickly go to your head.

We can all remember times in grade school when the teacher would select one student to be a line leader or assistant.

More often than not that person would abuse that power to the point of having it taken away. Now we are not children, but we (the voters) will not allow our officials to abuse their power for their own selfish gain.

The concept of voting for your leaders is a daunting one. Promises can be made during campaigns that are never fulfilled, some which may have never been possible and others still that are just ignored.

The good thing about our system is if we feel someone is not doing the job the right way, we can just vote them out. Our ability to decide whether or not you get to keep your job should be enough to keep our officials honest.

It's not that I doubt the intention of any particular elected official; however, it would seem to be commonplace that officials tend to forget that they work for us throughout their term and then suddenly remember a year before re-election.

Our officials will begin a new term on January 1 and for some it will be an experience they have never had before. We need to make sure that they remember who got them there.

The voters in the community should remember their duties as well. I know a lot of voters will tune in and pay attention to what candidates are saying during elections and that is great.

You must also make sure that you continue to pay attention to what the officials say and do after they get into office.

You should even do this if your candidate didn't win. It is important to follow your officials and their actions throughout the year, every year.

It is also important to contact them and tell them your concerns. Don't forget about responsibility for yourself or for the elected.