Caraway Police Officers honored

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Shirley Long presented members of the Caraway Police Department with a framed poem. Pictured with Mrs. Long are Chief Shannon Kelems and Officer David Choate.

Riverside East Elementary nurse Shirley Long honored the Caraway police officers with a special tribute on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Long has been known for her poetry and musical talent for many years. A published poet, she enjoys using her talent to recognize members of the fire department, police department and other community servants.

Caraway Police Chief Shannon Kelems, school resource officer David Choate, and Wyatt Wheaton all received a framed copy of the poem written just for them. Chief Kelems accepted Officer Wheaton's framed tribute as he is presently attending the Police Academy.

Long read the poem as she presented the gift to each of the officers with her appreciation for the work they do.

Caraway Police Deparmtent

By Shirley Long

Bravely the policeman walks the beat

Trying to keep crime off the street.

Attempting to stop the crime and abuse,

By capturing the criminal on the loose.

Never knowing if the vehicle he stops

Holds someone who wants to kill a cop.

But bravely you lay your life on the line,

A truer friend we could never find.

We will rest well at night, knowing you're there

And it's good to know you really care...

Our Police Department, though your praises are few,

The City of Caraway is very proud of you.

Chief Kelems expressed his appreciation and thanks to Ms. Long for the nice words.

"We don't always get praised and Ms. Long's words warm my heart," Chief Kelems said. "She has always been very supportive of our department."

In addition to the poetry tribute, Kelems said they appreciate her sewing skills.

"She does our uniform alterations when we need it," Kelems said. "She is a lady with many talents."