Letter to the Editor

Reader says writer crossed the line in column

Saturday, October 13, 2018

To the editor:

I am writing in response to Greydon Williams' Opinion articles over the past few weeks. The last column on October 6th was particularly disturbing to me. I understand that reporters have opinions as we all do, but I believe Mr. Williams has crossed a line in journalism.

The article sounds a bit like sour grapes because two candidates chose not to participate in the Courier News "Debate" on Facebook live, which is their right to do so. I don't believe for a moment it was a "spit in the face of voters", as stated by Mr. Williams. As a former educator I have heard similar complaints from children..."they won't play with me".

When I listen to the news, or read the paper I expect the news to come from professional journalist, not someone that is obviously bias against certain candidates. It's hard to find that these days as the media has the mistaken impression that they can sway the opinion of the general public simply by the slant they place on the "news".

We've reached a new low in this country in many ways, and the liberal media is certainly one of those ways.

Mr Williams I do not need your opinion nor your sarcasm to tell me how to vote. Believe it or not there are many in this community that are fully capable of researching the candidates as well as the propositions on the ballot, without your input. I am extremely disappointed in the Courier News, not only for these Opinion articles but others that have been published by other reporters on staff. How about you discuss the news and keep the slander, sarcasm and your personal prejudices out of the paper!

I respect the editor and have known Mark Brasfield for many years, but I'm having a problem with the lack of ethics and integrity being displayed by some of the staff reporters. I understand it's a small town paper, but don't we deserve professionalism and integrity and truth in what is published?

I encourage everyone to vote in this general election, but I beg of you, please do your own research on the candidates and propositions. Don't be swayed by the opinion of others, or the latest information on Facebook, find out for yourself who the candidate is, what they stand for, and what they plan to do while in office. Think about something, how often did you see that individual running for office working in the community, volunteering, attending events, etc... before they started campaigning? If they truly want to change and improve Blytheville and Mississippi County they wouldn't wait until election time to start!

I encourage you all to pray about this election, do your homework and make informed decisions about who you believe will be the best candidate, and how the propositions will effect your community and your state. I believe in this community and know that we can be better if we lay our egos aside and work toward the common goal of improving the quality of life for our citizens.

Becky Brister