Letter to the Editor

Councilman takes issue with letter to editor calling for resignation, says it should not have been published

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Editor’s Note: The following letter to the editor was penned by Councilman R.L. Jones’ “legal team” in response to Susie Sylvester Zimmerman’s letter to the editor that published Wednesday.

Dear Courier News,

First, I would like to state that it’s wrong and inconsiderate of your company to not comply with its own “Editorial Policy,” in regards to “All letters must include the writer’s signatures, address, and telephone number. The writer’s name and hometown will be published; no anonymous letters will be accepted.”

Unfortunately, this writer was given a pass for some reason, and her misinformed and slanderous letter should have been rejected pursuant to your Business Policy.

1) I never stated that I no longer wanted to serve as Council, but what I did state was I wouldn’t be part of any actions that would be unfair to a citizen who was providing free services to residents/visitors in the Park, which the City incurs no cost, nor is the citizen on payroll for providing the free services.

2) In regards to Property Contracts; I never implied that I was against having Vendors to not be required to sign contract agreement on City Properties. My point was that some were required and others given a pass, but in this particular case, there was never contracts taken out on the Concession Property at the park.

However, the City Clerk did provide me with a 1975 “Library Lease Agreement”, but stated that she would have to conduct research to determine who was in compliance as it relates to Licenses and Contracts of those doing business in the City of Blytheville. Also, it was shared that at least one Vendor was/is allowed to operate within the Blytheville City Limits who is Contracted/Permit for the City of Gosnell.

3) In regards to the Writer June 13 Letter, her thoughts/opinions are irrelevant of my qualification, performance, or my Grammatical Skills, considering she’s not a resident of Blytheville.

It is Ward 3 Residents and the City of Blytheville that concerns me and not someone who is terribly misinformed on the issues.

Closing, I want to emphasize that I get nothing but Joy in having the opportunity to serve as Councilman, and working with fellow Council Members & Mayor to improve the Quality of Life for all residents that lives in the City of Blytheville. I thank you all for trusting me to serve as your Council Representative for the past 20 plus years.

Best regards and God Bless the City of Blytheville.

— Councilman R.L. Jones