Letter to the Editor

Patients ‘in good hands’ at Great River Medical Center

Saturday, May 12, 2018

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take Ronny Goff to Great River Medical Hospital for a colonoscopy. As the caregiver, I had a different attitude than as a patient.

It was nothing but fun and games because I was not the patient. If you know Ronny and if you know me, a little bit of Ronny and a little bit of me goes a long way. While Ronny was being Ronny, I actually watched in amazement at one thing and one thing alone. The nurses and the employees have a great attitude. I want to mention a few outstanding people, but won’t for fear of forgetting someone because everyone had the same attitude.

The plot thickens:

The past two weeks, I personally had an issue with shortness of breath, dizziness, and a rapid heart beat, a little tightness and chest pain.

Ronny Smith, my friend, and Dr. Ronny Smith, my physician, are two different people. It was no longer fun and games. Dr. Ronny Smith kicked in, and now, I got to go to Great River with a completely different attitude. It had become “all about me”. I did not watch in amazement of the nurses and employees, I FELT in amazement of their attitude. We have a lot of caring people right here under our noses.

We all hear the complaints of experiences of our local hospital. When we go, we feel bad , and expect to be treated as Prince Charles . Let’s face the facts. We have a very good hospital with many people who care about our well being.

If you have a bad experience, let the management team know, but if you have a good experience, let our community know. WE NEED THIS HOSPITAL HERE.

God put me in this situation to change my heart literally, physically and mentally.

I counted 33 different RN’s, LPN’s, Technician’s, plus three Doctors during this process. I have been humbled and witnessed in amazement at their caring attitude and skills. My comfort and wellbeing were their only concern. The employees at St Bernard’s in Jonesboro had the same caring attitude as our Great River Hospital.

I give praise to Dr. Ronny Smith for his sense of urgency. He doesn’t do fun and games when something is not right. I PUBLICLY THANK HIM.

I thank the board of our hospital and the quorum court for working together.

We have a great Hospital and I hope you don’t find out how good it is, but don’t be afraid to use it. They will put you in “good hands”.

— Bill Kenner