Leachville Council oks computer purchase

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Leachville City Council received reports from the fire and water department as well as discussing plans for the theatre and for the school to repair damages to the park when they met at the regularly scheduled Sept. 19 meeting.

The fire department, represented by Fire Chief Drake Brown, was the first to be heard by the council. Brown said the fire department was in need of a new computer.

“Keith, how old is that thing…too old - it was handed down from the police department. However old it is, we need one,” Brown said.

Brown said the department doesn't need anything fancy, they just need a new desktop. The purchase would likely be over $500. Brown said they would also probably need to purchase a monitor.

“That can come out of Act 33 under the training stipulation,” Brown said.

Brown also said plans need to be made to get a new truck to replace the '88 truck. Currently the truck is down and is in the process of being repaired.

The council voted to purchase a new computer and to purchase the repair parts for the '88 model fire truck to be fixed.

The police department has issued 247 citations for June, July and August and has made 11 felony arrests in that time period. The council also voted to make a purchase of $604.30 to replace the AED pads in the police vehicles.

The council was presented with quotes for a new sound system for the Melody Theatre. The council decided to table the purchase of a sound system until more work on the theatre was finished.

The council also discussed the school drainage work across the park. The council said the school will have to pay for any damage they cause.

“I think we need to get that in writing if they do damage that stuff,” Councilman Rodney Robertson said.

Mayor Lisa Baldridge thanked the council for the opportunity to serve as mayor for the last few months.

“I know there’s a whole lot more that goes into that position than anyone knows who has never served in that position,” said Barry Wells, son of the late Mayor Ralph Wells. “I can’t count how many times my dad said whenever Ethel had to take over, ‘Poor Ethel she don’t need this. I got to get well so I can get back.’ So, Ethel, thank you for those three months and, Lisa, you’ve done an outstanding job and I know my dad would be proud of the job you did.