EAST initiative and city council members working together for community safety

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Jamison Key, a student with the Buffalo Island Central EAST lab initiative, spoke with members of the Monette City Council Nov. 24 during the monthly meeting. Key shared steps taken while working to find a solution for concerns within the community of traffic safety following the completion of the bypass. He attended the meeting in an attempt to raise awareness and rally support, suggestions or communication with anyone who may aid in efforts to resolve the issue.

A public meeting to hear anyone wishing to present comment, suggestion or objection on the proposed water and sewer revenue bonds was held prior to the monthly city hall meeting. No one rose to speak and the meeting was called to an end.

The Council moved to suspend the requirement to read Ordinance 2016-3 in full on three separate days.

The Council then approved Ordinance 2016-3 authorizing the issuance of the revenue bond to finance the city of Monette's portion of the construction of a new sewer treatment plant.

Resolution 2016-4 was approved. The ordinance, voted on annually, states the current tax millage rate remains at 1.8 on all real property and 1.8 on all personal property.

Ordinance 2016-5 involving the multi-jurisdictional mitigation plan was approved. The acceptance and implementation of the plan ensures federal funding in the event of a disaster. Council members requested a hard copy of the plan and that a representative for the city of Monette be included on the team in the future.

Mayor Chub Qualls updated Board members on recent events concerning the Monette Veteran's Park Committee. A soldier statue was chosen and ordered and is expected to be ready in a few months.

Vickki Carroll explained nearly 400 names have been given to etch onto the monument. Alderman Dickie Pace took the opportunity to let the Council know the Monette American Legion Hut is prepared to pay for the addition of all names of veterans buried in Monette cemetery that have not been included thus far.

The deadline to submit names has been extended to Jan. 1, 2017. The cost to have a name etched into the monument will be $40 until that time. Once the monument is in place the cost of names is subject to change.

Dana McKuin spoke on behalf of the Monette Memorial Cemetery committee. McKuin expressed a need for a new computer system to update and maintain the database for the cemetery.

The purchase will be funded with money from a recent anonymous donation split throughout the community. The donation of $225,000 was placed in a bank in Jonesboro and the purchase will be funded out of $25,000 to be left in checking. The purchase was approved with Alderman Tom Carroll abstaining.

Mayor Qualls shared plans to begin the purchase of a new police vehicle funded by the GIF grant award of $17,825. The remainder of the purchase was included in the 2016 budget.

Veterans will be walking from Monette to Lake City Nov. 11 in recognition of Veteran's Day.

The next Monette City Council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 28.