Black Oak Gin gins first bale of cotton

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Black Oak Gin's first bale of the 2016 cotton harvest was wrapped up on Tuesday, Sept. 13. Pictured are Maria Garza (left) and Cheryl Luther, gin manager.

The first bale of cotton for the 2016 season was ginned at Black Oak Gin on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

Grower Ronald Faulkner picked the cotton on Thursday, Sept. 8, on land between Black Oak and Caraway. The gin was called for pick up on Monday and the bale was ginned on Tuesday.

"We are excited," gin manager Cheryl Luther said. "It is nice to hear the gin running."

Both Luther and Dell Goodman, assistant bookkeeper, agreed it was a welcome sound for the gin workers and the community.

The cotton gin, owned by 17 local shareholders, did not run last year but Luther estimated the gin to run 35,000+ bales this year.

"I don't like to predict, but if the weather is good and we don't have hail loss like the 2014 season, we hope to exceed 35,000 bales."

Luther said the gin has a good team working together and everyone is looking toward a good cotton harvest.

Brothers Ronald and Harvey E. Jr. Faulkner farm together and each have some land individually. The first bale was picked on land farmed by Ronald.

This is Luther's first year as manager but she has been with the Black Oak Gin Company since 2009. She has 33 years in the ag business.

The gin should be up and running full steam in the very near future.