Letter to the Editor

Boycott Walgreens for Walker

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dear Editor,

I would like to use your media outlet to vent my anger and frustration. In the last few days I had heard rumors to a complete travesty of justice. Rather than stew on a rumor, I went to the source to find the truth.

Blytheville, Arkansas is a town with many problems, but, for every problem there are many modes of problem solving techniques. One such problem solving technique in our town is to work with potential problem causers. We have many willing to take the time and effort to do whatever is needed, but none more dedicated to this community than Curtis Walker Sr.

This brings me back to the rumor. Yesterday, Curtis Walker was terminated from his position at Walgreen's Drug Store because he chose to help a customer that had been wronged by the establishment despite breaking company policy. It seems that their Pharmacy incorrectly filled a prescription for a customer. When said customer got home, the error was discovered and the medication was returned to the store for a refund. Company policy states that there is no refund once the product leaves the store. Mr. Walker gave the customer a refund based on the obvious mistake by the Pharmacy Department. Because of his decision to help a customer, he was "let go".

I went to the store today to find out if he indeed was "let go" and was told that it was company policy. I told them that it would be the last time I would do business with them. This man has been with Super D and then with Walgreen's for 40 years. The owners are not hometown people so they would not be concerned with the fact that most people that shop there do so because of Mr. Walker. He is more community minded unconditionally than anyone one single person I know in our town. He is unbiased, unracist, and a friend to everyone that comes in contact with him. If he was the first person that one met when moving to this town, there is no doubt they would feel that they have chosen a wonderful place to live. He has been involved with the OM team from the Blytheville School District for many many years and these students will tell you that this man single handedly motivated them to new heights.

STAND UP Blytheville....let's not let this business diminish the good that Curtis Walker has done for us and the entire community. I am asking for you to boycott Blytheville's Walgreen Store. Take your business elsewhere and STAND UP for one of our own!

Thank You,

Tobey Johnson