Letter to the Editor

School board member leaving at end of term

Friday, June 27, 2014

To the editor:

It has been a great joy to be a part of the Blytheville School Board for five years for Zone 2. My term has come to an end. We are looking for someone to run in my place.

First, I would like for you to go www.asba.org (Arkansas School Board Association). It explains what are the responsibilities of a school board member. This is not a paid position. This position is all about our children and giving them the better education and safe environment. You will have to go the county courthouse to receive a package and return it by July 8, 2014 by noon.

I would like to apologize to you for my last year for not being around as much, but it was due to personal reasons. My reason for not re-entering a new term is that I am really a hands-on and vocal person. I feel that I can do better for my community not serving on the board.

Blytheville, we have great teachers, parents and students. Who needs more your support? I would like to say thank for all of your hard work and endurance.

I am challenging this town to come together and make difference for our children. I also would like for my community to take the time out and read 1 Corinthians 1:10: Oh what power that you have been blessed with, and we really need to go back to rebuilding that strong foundation for our children and our people in the community. If they see the power that we have as leaders, working together, change the issue around us, stop settling for less or what is handed out to us. This I know in my heart that working together will bring hope back to Blytheville. Stand strong and do not allow anyone or anything to break the chain that God and our forefathers have died for. To say all of that, we need to set aside all differences, stop fighting one another and come up with a plan for our community and town, so we can raise and have a beautiful community.

My God has supplied me with knowledge and understanding. So therefore I am ready to serve, fight or whatever it may be to make God's kingdom better.

Thanking you again for your support!

Carlony Lewis