Letter to the Editor

Hoping for justice in Fort Hood case

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

To the editor:

Maj. Nidal Hasan! Does anyone remember him? Just in case you forgot, allow me to remind you. He is the coward who ADMITTED to killing 13 people, a child and injured 32 more at Fort Hood back in 2009.

So now you remember? The news has recently reported that he has been allowed to act as his own attorney in court, which by the way is going on now as I write this. Also, by law, he is required to have a "back-up" legal team beside him in court. Apparently they have asked to be released from this position, and of course that request was refused.

Now a few more interesting facts about this story that should upset us. So far, since 2009, the American taxpayer has dished out over $5 MILLION, and of course you do know that he continues to receive his military pay as well. Now then, his victims have been DENIED purple hearts and medical benefits! Now I ask you, where is the justice in all this?

While he is in his jail cell, he continues to receive his medical care, his pay, his legal assistance and God only knows how many other "benefits." Oh, and speaking of God, or in his case Allah, he can worship in his cell and do all that his religious beliefs require, but our own military men and women cannot even legally speak of their Christian faith! Our military chaplains have to "be careful" not to upset the "other" religious groups in the military by not mentioning Jesus, the Bible or the Christian faith in general.

Now don't get me wrong -- I am of course a believer in freedom of religion for everyone, but don't tell me that you can worship as you please and I cannot! THAT is not going to happen!

I guess we all know what the outcome of this so called "trial" is going to be. First of all, there is clearly something wrong with our so-called legal system. This COWARD has clearly made a mockery of that, and the show continues. Not to mention the military allowing him to present himself with a FULL BEARD on his face and at the same time still being on active duty. I have to say that our military, the legal system and our government in the handling of all of this is a true embarrassment.

I know the other nations of the world can now truly see the stupidity and ignorance of it all. How they must laugh at us. This COWARD has made and continues to make a mockery of our American court system, our military, the American people and our way of life. Our country has once again laughed in the face of its service men and women by not giving the purple hearts clearly earned, as well as the medical attention they deserve, and it makes me ill.

In the last few years our country has gone downhill, not only in the eyes of true God-fearing, law-abiding, patriotic Americans, but the world as well. The country that once was, is no longer, when we continue to allow this kind of injustice.

So Maj. Nidal Hasan, COWARD that you are, I hope that you are enjoying the limelight now because if you are found guilty your punishment will be nothing compared to the "reward" you will get when you meet the real judge.

Mike Freligh