Letter to the Editor

Citizens ripped off in dirt/lake deal

Thursday, February 28, 2013

To the editor:

I ask, can you believe that we have a company, citizen, living in the city, that would stoop to a level of ripping off the city and the families that live here for some dirt?

I'm sure, mister dirt digger, you are aware of all the seemingly underhanded, under table deals that Blytheville has been plagued with in the past few years, and for you to say that the lake is finished is a slap in the face of every citizen in the area!

I've seen the contract, and I know for a fact that certain city officials have seen the contract, and there is no finish date on the lake; but as a business man, do you feel like you have honored your contract?

There has been a lot of dirt sold and removed from the pits that your company dug, and if that is what the citizens get, your view of a lake, well you sir, have ripped us off.

I'd be willing to bet if someone would check and report honestly, you sold city dirt back to the city from the lake for the football field at the small school off of Laclede Street in Blytheville.

Leadership and counsel in Blytheville have a chance to stop these types of incidents from happening by not forgiving and forgetting, but by protecting the citizens of Blytheville from actions such as this!

Mayor Sanders, now's a real good time to show the citizens of Blytheville and the surrounding areas where you stand on this type of business practice and send the contract to Courier News for them to print it in the paper for all to see, if there is nothing to hide.

We all have to ask ourselves, how many contracts just like this one are currently being drawn up as we speak, since the former mayor is in a position to continue to do business like this?

Some type of legal action and reporting to the Better Business Bureau needs to be done for not honoring the entire contract.

Chuck Wilder