Letter to the Editor

Man looking for help controlling neighbor's cats

Friday, August 3, 2012

I am asking for help, from anyone that can and will help. My neighbor has taken on the responsibility of feeding these stray cats and their kittens. However, she refuses to clean up behind them. She chose to care for these animals therefore she should clean up their mess. I have knocked on her door several times to address the problem but most of the time she will not answer the door. And, yes, she in in the house.

Every morning before I go to work, I have to scoop up cat poop from around my back door. They have even started pooping in the rocks under my bushes, the flower pots on my front porch, and to top it off, they have gotten on top of my vehicles and left scratches on them. My family and I can't even sit outside and enjoy the weather when it is nice out.

This is due to the fact that the urine the cats leave behind is horrible. When the problem first started, I spoke with the two ladies that work for the Blytheville Animal Control and they took my name, number, and address two months ago. I also called the number listed in the phone book (870-762-0453) and left a message. My phone call was not returned, like the message said it would be. They have yet to do their job.

I don't have any animals and don't care if she wants to feed them but she needs to clean up behind them or let them into her house. Please somebody help!

John McKinney