Letter to the Editor

Boycott of Vick, Eagles urged

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To the editor:

I am one person; in any general election I have one vote. My single person input is most unlikely to turn the tide of any majority. I recognize my limitations and applaud them, this is as it should be in any system with a "one person, one vote" philosophy.

I do understand that my one vote, my one opinion can contribute to the success of an endeavor. I also recognize the possibility that I can persuade and urge others to join with me in my opinion and vote or act accordingly. My family, friends and co-workers, even the "nameless stranger" that may come into contact with my message and join in and urge their friends, families and co-workers to do the same. It is with this cascade we can hope to change minds and influence outcomes.

That all having been said, I want to urge all that see this to join me in boycotting any NFL football game featuring the Philadelphia Eagles. Of course, this is in reference to their leader, Michael Vick. He of the infamous cruelty to his dogs. I fail to understand how any civilized society cannot shun such as he and his teammates. They have bought into his philosophy to the point that his teammates promised they would "beat them like dogs," referring to their opponents.

I also urge everyone to boycott and refuse to deal with any company, manufacturer or retail outlet that advertises during any of the Eagles' games. Will this have any effect on their corporate bottom line? I doubt it. I can only say that to support and sponsor this organization excuses and through tacit approval supports the cruelty for which Michael Vick and his teammates stand.

I enjoy professional football. I have been a fan for 45 years. But if the Eagles do make it to the Super Bowl, this is one I will forego.

Daniel Honaker